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28 Nov '15


Posted by Markus Prime in markusprime, markusprimelives, mlnnprime

When you say, "black women are beautiful" do you only mean fair skinned? Can she not be too dark before she becomes less attractive? When is she "pretty for a black girl?" When does her tone cross the line for you? Can she be light skinned? Is she no longer black to you because of this? What about her hair? Can it be kinky? Is that bad hair? What is good hair? What dictates this imaginary standard? What about her physique? What if her tummy isn't tight like your favorite athlete? Is she no longer sexy? What if her breasts aren’t perky? What if they hang a lower than the cover girl? Does this disqualify her from your list of "beautiful? What if she has stretch marks? Vitiligo? Scars? Think about your answers…Did you hesitate on anything? Don't answer- just think about it....